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Hello and welcome to the Birmingham YMCA's website.

Birmingham YMCA is a Christian charity working with people, especially the young, regardless of faith, race, ability or gender. We are proud to be affiliated to the national and international YMCA movement who provide advice, representation and support to us, but we're an independent charity with our own Board of Trustees and have to generate all of our own resources.

Since 1849 we've been serving the people of Birmingham in a variety of ways from locations across the city. Today we:

  • Provide over 200 units of supported accommodation to people who have been homeless, helping them to live independently.

  • Provide affordable childcare from two nurseries, trying to give children the very best start in life.

  • Run out-of-school clubs, and holiday playschemes

  • Offer community facilities for hire.

  • Offer comprehensive Training Packages which are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH).

We employ nearly 100 people who are supported by a large team of volunteers, without whom we simply wouldn't be able to offer the range of services that we do.

Everything we do is focused on delivering our mission, which is:


At Birmingham YMCA we don't aim to make large profits. Our aspiration is simply to be an inspirational presence in the lives of the people who come to us.

Ultimately, we want those people to be inspired to become a positive presence in the communities which they live in; helping to build a better Birmingham for everyone. We believe they'll do that by discovering their potential.

As a Christian charity we believe in the God-given potential of everyone. Our programmes of support and development are focused on trying to help people discover that, whether it be through learning, music, sport or play.

These pages tell you a bit more about the work that we do and how you can access our services or help us through volunteering or charitable giving.

I hope you find what you want here, but if you don't please contact us and we'd be delighted to hear from you.

God bless,

Alan Fraser

Chief Executive


Chartered Institute of Housing The Institute of Leadership and Management. Investors In People

The YMCA’s vision is of an inclusive Christian movement, transforming communities so that all young people truly belong, contribute and thrive.

Registered Charity No. 218808. Registered Office 200 Bunbury Road, Birmingham B31 2DL. Registered in England No 170981. VAT No 109 6841 56.

Chairman Mark K Bruckshaw, CIHM Chief Executive Revd Alan R Fraser MA, CIHCM

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